Extrusion Hoses.Co.Uk

Flexible Heated Transfer Hoses for the Plastics Industry

Heated hoses manufactured specifically for the plastics extrusion industry

  • Used extensively with machines for thermoplastic extrusion
  • Ideal in applications for co-extrusion piggy back extrusion and dual durometer/hardness extrusion.
  • Greater flexibility with your plant layout
  • Eliminates alignment problems between jockey extruder and main extruder
  • Quicker setting up and strip down of tooling
  • Faster purging between colour or material changes
  • Integral heaters and thermocouples allow independent control and monitoring of melt
  • Hoses are available in lengths from 300 - 2000mm long
  • Bore sizes ranging from 4 to 25mm
  • Available in a range of end fittings

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